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#1 08/01/2021 03:59:29

Registrado: 06/01/2021
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That they gave up with Mut 21 coins

That I really like the idea of animations being added for Madden 21 coins passing and running. It is just stupid it is not there. They have the whole league to work with, surely they could bring some men in for a quick mokap session. To proceed with this, more players want body and face scans.

Fantasy drafts also need to be customized so I can select the draft order rather than it being completely random every time.

The AI should not have the ability to know what I had predicted. Tired of playaction getting the home brought on and tired of this AI understanding every time that I have someone on a"move" route. Makes playing against All-Madden extremely restrictive.

On the Subject of players that are heavier, weight should Influence strength; I should not have a NT that is 280lbs using 95 strength plugging the Inside of my line; it'd be Wonderful to Have some type of concealed slider that affects the burden:strength correlation.

Honestly EA just sounds like that they gave up with buy Mut 21 coins this one so I doubt anything serious will get shifted, but perhaps they are taking a look at pushing a great deal of excellent features for your next gen version? I would expect that is the case, otherwise M20 is probably the final one I'll play for the foreseeable future.

The slider must do with sheds and shit. It is the exact same in 20. There's absolutely no slider which affects sheds dealing with the pass or run. It's just pass blocking and operate blocking strength that we can tune. Too low, you always get by.


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