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#1 08/01/2021 03:58:59

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With the exception of Osrs gold

Blizzard haven't ever banned addons, with the exception of Osrs gold some addons which were trying to hide behind a subscription based cover wall. Short of anti-virus like code inside of the game which finds forbidden origin code, theres nothing they could do except split the API.

It was an incredible feat of technology but blizzard's only alternative was to cripple the minimap scope API it relied on - that is the reason why range checking addons in WoW are scuffed to this day.

They can't purchase it since it's open source and has been led to by hundreds if not thousands of people who have ownership rights of the parts of this code. They could however just make their own construct that they maintain and discharge without paying a thing, as it is open source.

Yep I really don't get why they do not do this , I wish they'd put the official link on the website so people wouldn't accidentally go to the wrong one.There might be some NDAs involved and there's a chance that it is similar deal as with wiki - that they pay x amount of money for labor and tools and runelite devs then have to do xyz and keep it running.

I truly hope they start looking into it Cheap Runescape gold because I think that it isn't too late yet. The game is doing good and there are more new items intended for the game.it is still a great alternative. It fixed the issue on rs3. It isn't important how long it takes because we need a permanent fix and not band-aid fix.


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