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#1 20/02/2021 03:28:31

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If you find you're hit a good deal on one specific job

Rune is the very best nonmem non deg armour. That RuneScape gold is mem, also require 50 str and 50 def to weild. However its one of the heaviest armour out there, maybe even the most peculiar. Therefore it drains run in an insane way. In addition, it looks rlly lame, the whole set costs less than 500k, and is used mostly by bots, or so ive been told. Then there's the fighter chest and other stuff u can get from minigames. Subsequently its Dragon armour, which requires 60 def.

However, if u cant afford string bod, or plate bod, which cost 4.5M-5.5M, and 9m-10m respectivly, u can use rune body, with drag legs and moderate helm. Do not use granite body + dragon legs, thats exactly what robots wear lol. . Looks awsome lol. The majority of the higher gear are deg, however, barrows gear lasts like 10+ hrs of combat, before repairs. Hope this helped.

I have come for you, Sal's, for advice on Dungeoneering. Yes, it is me that needs the help that Old school runescape gold time. I have always wondered what's the brink of praying on creatures. Meaning, at what level for every type of monster if I use a defense prayer and offensive prayer? By type, I suggest colors, warriors, rangers, magers, zombies, skeletons, bats, rats, demons, pickaxes, brutes, etc..


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