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#1 13/10/2021 05:25:09

Registrado: 13/10/2021
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I think it should rain now before it starts to rain in Runescape

I really want to try and get back into this game, it's the only game of its kind that I've ever been capable of getting to and have fun with friends I met along the way RS Gold. I'm hoping I can however, I'd like to have some type of understanding of what's happening hahaha.

Ok, so I have done some things against the rules of my account before. I gave it away after I was sure I was done playing the game. I recently tried to retrieve it. Jagex has not responded to me. I've emailed Jagex several times. I was the registered email for my account, but it was removed more than one year time ago. I should therefore not receive an email.

Legal (at) jagex didt Com I received an email today. They said they had evidence that I was trading items from Runescape or accounts with real people. This is indeed true. (By by the way, I've never actually purchased anything. It's not that important. I'm simply telling people that I don't have the brains to make that decision. They told me that they would be monitoring my account and that if it remained unchecked, I would be accused of a crime.

Signature by Jagex Mod Mark. It made me feel warm. Here's where things start to get a bit odd Buy OSRS Accounts. You'll receive an email asking you to log into your account. Evidently, I cannot login.


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